Our Mission

Citizens for a Sound Government’s mission is to promote the ideals of free enterprise, economic opportunity and limited government through public educational efforts.

Who is Citizens for a Sound Government

Citizens for a Sound Government’s goal is to promote policies that create a strong environment for job creation, enhance personal freedom, and generate fiscal responsibility. We do that by educating citizens about important federal and non-federal policy-making and urging them to communicate their concerns to public officials.

America’s story is increasingly a tale of two countries. In many states and cities (e.g., Illinois, California, Connecticut, Chicago, and Detroit), decision-makers in recent decades have greatly increased tax rates and levels of spending, run up massive, unfunded pension obligations, and put in place policies that drive away jobs. Meanwhile, states such as Texas, Florida, and Indiana have embraced policies that rein in unfunded obligations and attract well-paying jobs.

Competition between states is good. Indeed, as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, states are “laboratories of democracy” and, thus, reform. Not only does competition create an incentive to improve, but it provides a clear road-map for success and improvement, if decision-makers internalize these lessons and are willing to make sometimes tough political decisions. CSG aims to educate the citizenry and public officials about these lessons and incubate policies that will expand success and opportunity throughout the country.

CSG is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Contributions are not tax deductible.


Our Projects

Citizens for a sound government has been involved in statewide and local educational efforts in more than a dozen states. Follow us on social media for the latest endeavors of our organization.