The race for who will represent the Republican party in the Nebraska Senate election this fall is getting nasty, and now the state’s largest newspaper is stepping in to squash the negativity.

In response to several attack ads that have plagued the race ahead of its May 13 primary, the Omaha World-Herald published an editorial Wednesday that pleaded for a truce in that race and also the governor’s race, which has carried a similar tone.

“In a connected world, like-minded people interested in politics might prefer certain candidates over others, even in places where they do not live, work or vote,” the editorial reads. “But anonymous attack ads in Nebraska’s governor’s race and an erroneous national blog post in the U.S. Senate race show the dangers of inviting too much outside influence into state politics.”

The Senate race is close among three candidates — Omaha banker Sid Dinsdale, former Nebraska state treasurer Shane Osborn, and local college president Ben Sasse. Dinsdale had been trailing before a recent surge, which was spurred by his fellow candidates attacking each other.

Dinsdale, however, is now the target of several attacks from…

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