As Colorado Springs city election ballots hit the mail, candidates are complaining of attack advertising and campaign trickery.

Ballots for the April 2 election that will pick candidates in six City Council districts and decide a pair of local ballot questions were delivered to the post office Friday. And, in a sure sign that the campaign is in full swing, candidates started grumbling that yard signs have been swiped.

Joel Miller, a rookie candidate in District 2, reported dozens of his campaign signs stolen.

“I’m frustrated because people donated money for the purpose of getting signs,” Miller said. “It’s a First Amendment and a ‘thou shalt not steal’ thing, so it’s frustrating.”

Miller ordered 300 signs for his campaign and has run out after replacing stolen signs.

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Council candidates are being attacked from all angles with billboards and websites.

Political action group Citizens for a Sound Government has created websites taking on District 1 candidate Joe Barrera, District 3 candidate Brandy Williams and District 6 candidate Ed Bircham.

On one site, Williams, an incumbent, is called the “Queen of Indecision and Ineffectiveness,” complete with an image of her wearing a tiara that appears to be electronically added. The site about Bircham claims he has a history of bigoted and extreme comments. Bircham said he had not seen the site and would not comment.

Citizens for a Sound Government claims Barrera’s “far-left ideas are wrong for Colorado Springs,” and he is criticized as a tool of President Barack Obama…

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