Ed Bircham says in an interview, “I’ve never heard of them [Citizens for a Sound Government]. If I hadn’t gotten that from you, I still wouldn’t have heard. The things they’re saying is lies.”

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You knew it had to happen, and it has. The mud-slingers, including a high-level Republican operative who’s been involved in statewide politics, have gotten involved in the April 2 city election, in which voters will elect six district representatives to Colorado Springs City Council.

First, a group called Citizens for Sound Government has created three anti-candidate websites targeting Joe Barrera in District 1, Brandy Williams in District 3, and Ed Bircham in District 6.

The Barrera website likens him to President Obama, saying, “Joe Barrera worked for 15 years as a ‘community representative’. Sound familiar? Barrera’s job title isn’t the only thing that bears a great deal…

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